Reviewing A Leading Brand

Precise dog food is manufactured by Texas Farm Products Inc., which traces its roots back to the 1930’s. The company is owned by a family, and they produce other pet food lines such as ANF, Star Pro and Precept. The Precise line of dog food products are rising rapidly in popularity in the market currently. Most pet lovers are wondering if the Precise line of dog foods are suitable for their dog. This article will answer their question in a more detailed manner.

dog foodThe best way to check if a pet food is suitable for your dog is to refer the pet food recall website of the FDA. The Precise brand of pet food has not been listed in any of the pet food recalls recently, which is a clear sign that the FDA has nothing against the Precise line of pet food. This is considered a kind of approval for the brand as there is no such requirement as a pre-market approval by the FDA for pet food.

The Precise brand has three categories of products in the dog food’s section. Precise Dog Food, Precise Plus and Precise Holistic Complete are these three categories. The first ingredient in all of these three categories is either meat or a meat meal. The second would be a protein based ingredient.

The main source of carbohydrates come from ground oats and brown rice. Lamb, chicken, salmon and fish are the major protein sources used in the Precise brand. The chicken fat is preserved with ascorbyl palmitate and tocopherols, which is a fat soluble form of vitamin C.

The ingredients used in the Precise brand is not linked to any allergies in dogs. The ingredient list should be thoroughly examined before feeding any pet food to your loved pets. This way you would know about the ingredients and would be on the safe side concerning special dietary requirements of your loved pet or dog. This is very important for the safety of your pet dog.

Most pet lovers may wonder where they could purchase the Precise brand of pet foods. The best place to purchase the Precise pet food is via e-commerce sites online. Amazon is one such e-commerce site selling this popular brand of dog food. The feeding instructions are available on the formula’s packaging. It may vary on your dog’s age, weight, activity and physical condition etc.

You could find discount coupons to be used when purchasing the Precise pet food brand. There are many online sites that publish these discount coupons. A little online research would help you to find some of the best discount coupons available in the market.

There are many positive customer reviews for the Precise pet food brand. The quality of the ingredients and the affordable price are the most salient features of the Precise brand. Some pet owners were concerned about the seemingly high concentration of carbohydrates in the product. All in all, the product had much more pros than the few cons.

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